Insuring Your Vacation Residence

Article Posted by Expert Author: Carly Jorge  on 04/08/2013

It sure can be nice to have a place where you can get away for part of the year. The vacation home is certainly a well-deserved luxury, but it's also something that will require Chicago homeowners insurance. And this can be tricky, as some companies won't cover you for the year if you only stay at your vacation home for a few months.


The quotes you receive for a vacation home will differ from those for a full-time residence. This is because your vacation home will lie more or less vacant for the better part of the year, leaving it more vulnerable to perils like fire and theft. Declaring how a residence is to be used is the most important thing to do when searching for a vacation home insurance policy.


This is because, by not declaring the usage of the home, you could run into much difficulty should the time come that you need to settle a claim for that property.


At The Home Protection Geek we help you identify issues such as what to do with insuring a vacation home that, if left unaddressed can end up causing you a lot of unnecessary problems later on.  Consider it your trusted resource for helping you brainstorm all of the issues that you may not think of up front.


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