Is Now the Time to Update Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage?

Article Posted by Expert Author: Carly Jorge  on 08/23/2013

It's common for homeowners to take the time to assess their homeowners insurance needs when they first buy their property, but frequently they don't continually assess their needs. The truth is that there are certain times that it's important to take a closer look at your coverage. For example, if you're about to remodel your home then it may be a good time to up your coverage. Remember that in addition to protecting your home and your possessions, your homeowners insurance also protects you against liability. If you're about to have many people working in your home then you may want to make sure you have optimal coverage to protect you in the event someone is injured.

If you're about to get married or have a significant other move into your home, then it may also be time to upgrade your policy. Remember that the possessions in your home will be covered no matter who they belong to, but that you do have caps on your policy. As a result, if you don't upgrade and something does happen, then you'll likely not get the full value that you would if you upgraded your policy to reflect the new possession in the home.

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