Home Insurance Tips For Renters

Article Posted by Expert Author: Carly Jorge  on 04/08/2013

You may already know that renters insurance can be quite affordable, costing as little as $12 per month in some areas. For that small amount, the protection you can receive as a renter is quite valuable. But yet, a very large chunk of American renters - well over fifty percent - do not have renters insurance. This is because many renters incorrectly assume that they are covered under their landlord's policy.


This is true, but that coverage only extends to the building's public areas and walkways. Anyone who rents their home should be aware that the loss of personal possessions due to flood, fire or other perils, as well as injuries sustained by visitors to the apartment is solely on the renter themselves. Renters insurance covers you against many perils, and also provides you with services you may need following a theft, or the payment of additional living expenses should your apartment need repair or replacing following a peril such as fire. Because this type of coverage can differ greatly from homeowners insurance coverage, knowing the difference is important.


Any questions you may have regarding renters or homeowners insurance can be found at The Home Protection Geek, a site dedicated to helping consumers manage the process of educating themselves on this type of coverage, and receiving quotes online.


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