NOAA Prediction About 2012 Storm Season Says More Hurricanes For Atlantic

Article Posted by Expert Author: Carly Jorge  on 04/08/2013

Although it falls within the normal category for hurricanes, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has predicted there is a seventy percent chance that up to 15 named storms could be produced by the 2012 hurricane season, which began in May and ends in November. Of those fifteen storms, the NOAA predicts that three will be major hurricanes with winds exceeding 111 mph. Despite the widespread knowledge that the most active period for hurricanes begins around August 1, and that many citizens live in hurricane zones, there are a large number of residents who are not properly prepared for this type of natural disaster.


But Barry Davis, Senior Risk Services Consultant says that protection is simple. For the home, storm shutters, emergency supplies, and a practiced evacuation plan will help minimize the threat to lives and property. Businesses should include a continuity plan which will allow them to continue operating in the event of a hurricane, in addition to the above. This plan will allow for data back up and recovery.


Make sure you understand specifically what your homeowners insurance plan covers, particularly if you find yourself living in a hurricane zone.  You may require additional coverage, or certain things may not be covered at all due to the risks.


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