Is No-Maintenance Siding For Real?

Article Posted by Expert Author: Carly Jorge  on 04/08/2013

There's no doubt that when choosing siding for your home, it will cost you money, both to install and replace it. And recent advances in the siding world have resulted in vinyl siding, which is incredibly easy to install.


Not only that, but vinyl siding is available in a wide range of textures and colors. You can even choose siding that looks like wood. And it's also durable, something that will definitely interest those looking to improve the safety of their homes in the event of a natural disaster, which can help reduce the costs of Atlanta homeowners insurance.


But is vinyl siding really zero maintenance? It is true that this type of siding doesn't require the regular painting and caulking that other siding types do to prevent rot and other siding weaknesses. However, washing your siding is required if you want to keep the exterior of your home looking fresh and clean.


The cost to purchase and install vinyl siding has also remained fairly stable over the years. And so, for installation and maintenance over the long term, this type of siding offers a lot of convenience for significantly less money.


Homeowners insurance may not seem like a necessity until you actually need it.  Things come up that we all don't foresee - unexpected fires, storm damage, theft, injuries etc. that can end up harming a family financially without an adequate safety net.


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