Ensure Complete Fire and Mudslide Homeowners Insurance Coverage for Your Los Angeles Home

Many people say that when it comes to Los Angeles, you either love it or hate it. But the risk of mudslides and fires will certainly not help you like L.A. living more, especially when many residents are saying they're having trouble getting coverage.

It's important for any homeowner to be prepared for the weather in their area by getting quotes for coverage from local companies. But what do you do when you call and get refused for coverage, or find that you're waiting longer than you think you should for reimbursement?

Understanding the ins and outs surrounding insurance coverage may seem like an impossible task at first. But when you use a site like Homeowners Geek that explains everything in easy-to-understand language, you can empower yourself with the knowledge that gets you exactly the right kind of help, exactly when you need it.

The Low Down About Mudslide Coverage

While trying to get Los Angeles homeowners insurance coverage in the conventional way may prove to be difficult if you live in an area prone to mudslides, there are alternatives. But first, the facts.

Although many homeowners are trying to get mudslide coverage by purchasing flood policies in addition to fire and earthquake policies, this may not work, as having flood insurance offers no guarantee for mudslide coverage due the fact that it's often vague. Here's an example:  a mudslide flow that resembles a chocolate milkshake will be covered, where a flow that has the consistency of cake will not be. Huh?

Although the National Flood Insurance Program is very specific about what type of damage is covered, mudslides have been left in limbo. A mudslide or 'slope failure' is excluded from many flood policies, as are sinkholes, earthquakes, gradual erosion and landslides. But mudflows, however, are covered. This is because a mudflow is described as a 'river of liquid and flowing mud that picks up debris, usually after rains fall on land without adequate surface vegetation'.

So it would appear that a mudflow would be covered, simply because it begins as a river of liquid that later affects the land.

How to Ensure Claim Assessment in a Reasonable Amount of Time

First and foremost, you must remember that insurers work for you. Therefore, they are obligated to fully explain all coverages available to you for the claim you present. However, this is the regulation that is most often violated by Los Angeles homeowners insurance companies.

Following through on your claim is of the utmost importance. Experts say that a homeowner shouldn't wait any longer than two weeks for their insurer to act before following up with them. It's also suggested that homeowners get online and research solutions for getting the information and help they need with their claim.

If you find yourself calling contractors and getting the ball rolling for remediation, stop. This is the responsibility of your insurance company.  These companies will often try and shift the responsibility to the homeowner where it comes to investigation and repair work, in many cases to insulate themselves from contractor responsibilities. However, as a homeowner, you can deny this 'risk-shifting' process by writing to your company for a list of their approved contractors. This can usually be done by contacting the claims department.

Unfortunately, some homeowners have been denied valid claims by their insurance companies, and so have been forced to seek legal representation to rectify the matter. But the good news is that oftentimes, a legal consultation is free and without obligation.


As they say, knowledge is power.  We have assembled information about the homeowners insurance industry in order to help consumers understand it and make educated decisions regarding this crucial safety net designed to protect their families from financial ruin.

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