Insuring Your Historic Home

Article Posted by Expert Author: Carly Jorge  on 04/08/2013

Unlike newer homes, an historic home requires special attention. The preservation of the home must be taken into consideration, as well as ensuring that all repairs adhere to modern building codes. And finding the right historic homeowners insurance begins with finding a company that has the proper knowledge and expertise. The right company will have local knowledge of both historical and residential codes, and will be available to help contractors and suppliers to maintain the home's historical integrity.


Because the coverage of an historic home is different from standard coverage, more research will need to be conducted by the insurance company into things like the original features of the structure as well as the property, in addition to unlimited loss of use coverage until restoration has been completed.


The cost of repairs and the replacement of period furniture and other fixtures will be higher with an older home. As a result, it will cost the homeowner considerably more to insure their historic home.  It's important for consumers to consult their individual property liability coverage policy to understand exactly how their home is covered in the event of a specific peril.


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