7 Ways To Qualify For Homeowners Insurance Discounts

If you want to protect your investment and your belongings, then property liability coverage is a necessity. And with homeowners across the country seeing higher premiums, you may think that you have to pay high prices for your coverage. But the truth is that there are several ways you can get homeowners insurance discounts and maintain your needed coverage. And you can read about seven of them below.

Comparing Home Insurance Companies

Shopping around is a great way to find homeowners insurance for less. While it can be time-consuming, the savings you realize in the long run could be well worth it. Some methods of comparing companies can include talking to those you know about their policies, looking up companies in your local phone book, or contacting your state's insurance department.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners is another good place to look. This organization is like the Better Business Bureau for insurance companies, listing the frequency of customer complaints for particular companies along with the typical rates charged.

Maintaining Good Credit

Your credit record can determine how much you pay for homeowners insurance. More and more, insurance companies are pricing their policies according to the credit information of their applicants. Therefore, establishing a solid credit history will only help you in the end. To maintain that good history, keep credit balances low, pay all bills on time and only get the amount of credit you need. You may also want to keep tabs on your record to note any changes or errors which may change your rating.

Having Multiple Policies With The Same Company

Many of today's property liability companies also offer policies for auto. And most of them will reward those who purchase two or more policies from them. However, it's a good idea to make sure that the combined price for insurance doesn't exceed that of purchasing each policy individually from separate companies.

Establishing A Long-Term Relationship

The simple fact that you've been with the same company for years could be enough to net you discounts on your policy. And the longer you've been with the company, the higher your discount could be. A quick call to your company to ask about discounts for long-term policyholders is all it takes. But it makes sense to also keep an eye on what other companies are charging to make sure you're getting the best price.

Raising Your Deductible

Your deductible is the required amount that you have to pay toward a loss in order for your homeowners insurance company to pay your claim. If you raise this amount, it can actually save you on your premiums. And the more you raise it, the more you can potentially save.

Prepare Your Home For The Worst

The addition of simple things to your home, such as reinforcement to your roof or the addition of storm shutters may actually save you money on your premiums. If you have an older home, its electrical, heating and other systems can be modernized to reduce water and fire damage risk.

Review Possession Values And Policy Limits Yearly

Some of your possessions may depreciate in value more quickly than others. So it's a good idea to review them at least once per year and figure out which items, if any, no longer need extra coverage. These items may be high-priced electronics and jewellery or valuable works of art.


It makes sense to shop around for homeowners insurance discounts in order to get the best coverage for the lowest price.  We can help you get quotes from reputable companies in your area.

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