Beyond Houston Homeowners Insurance – How to Reduce Your Liability

Article Posted by Expert Author: Carly Jorge  on 09/12/2013

dog bites and homeowners insuranceHomeowners insurance is a must-have but being covered isn't the only step you need to take to protect yourself. It's true that if someone is injured on your property then you may be held liable, and it's true that your homeowner's insurance company may cover the expenses. However, it's still worth your while to take a few simple steps to try and prevent these issues from developing. First of all, keep an eye on any pets you have. Dog bites are a major source of personal injury claims and even the most docile of pets can get underfoot and cause trips and falls.

Also keep your lighting in mind. Many homeowners want to save electricity and go to great lengths to shut off lights when they're not in the room. However, not being able to see can lead to bumping into all kinds of things and can cause trips and falls as well. Look for motion sensors outside so that light is only being used when it's needed and be sure to leave at least minimal night lights on in heavy traffic areas where guests are likely to be at night. You'll sleep better knowing everyone in your home is as safe as can be. Houston homeowners insurance will definitely be more affordable if you take certain things into consideration.

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