Illinois Homeowners Can Learn How To Avoid Insurance Mistakes

Article Posted by Expert Author: Carly Jorge  on 04/08/2013

A licensed home insurance agent in Illinois announced today that a new consumer awareness guide is now available for homeowners wishing to avoid mistakes when purchasing a home insurance policy. Entitled "How to Properly Insure Your Home for the Lowest Possible Price", the guide highlights five common mistakes while providing four ways to find the bet agent and covers six important questions to ask prospective insurance agents.


R.J. Weiss, the agent behind the guide says that it was created out of the discovery that there was much confusion among the general public where it came to insurance concepts, one of the most common being how much to insure a home for. Also revealed in the free downloadable guide is the time of year best for quoting insurance, how to save money via discounts, and the definition of important insurance terms such as scheduled property. Understanding concepts such as replacement cost versus actual cash value are also covered by the guide.


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