Should You Purchase Earthquake Insurance?

Article Posted by Expert Author: Carly Jorge  on 04/08/2013

In virtually all of today's homeowner policies, protection from earthquakes is excluded. So if you live in an at-risk area, you will have to purchase earthquake coverage separately. The most active areas for earthquakes in the United States are:


- Hawaii

- California

- Washington

- Oregon

- Alaska


Whether earthquake insurance is something you consider will depend upon the level of risk for your area. There are maps available online which are updated by the hour that show the frequency and severity of earthquakes.


If you purchased your insurance via a private agency, you may be able to have an earthquake endorsement added to your Charlotte homeowners insurance policy. The premiums you pay will depend on where you live, the probability of a quake occurring, the soil type in your area, and the materials your home is made of.


Do not put off looking into hazard insurance for your house, particularly if you live in a region where you may be at risk for perils like earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, etc.  In this case, procrastiination could wipe a family out financially, which makes the cost of coverage a small thing to put up with compared with the alternatives.


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